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Living the Dream: U of M Alumna Daisy Giles

Just one year after her graduation, University of Minnesota alumna and former Office of Admissions intern Daisy Giles is putting her U of M education to work with her very own show at Homewood Studios, a gallery designed for local artists to display their contributions to the vitality, self-image, and coherence of community.

Daisy's exhibition opened June 1 and will run until June 27. It will display paintings and prints for sale, including a dozen that never-before-seen pieces that she created specifically for this exhibition. 

Daisy graduated in 2011 with a dual degree from the U of M: a B.F.A in art and a B.A. in African American and African Studies. "I didn't think I would end up doing art professionally when I first started," said Daisy. However, art is something that she has always been attracted too. "My mother was artistic, my family is full of hobby painters --it just runs in my blood."

Daisy's experience at the U of M allowed her to explore several visual arts media that she would not have discovered on her own. "I was able to take printing classes, photography, and dimensional painting," she says. Daisy also took an art seminar at the U of M that brought students to different museums and galleries and also had professionals come into the classroom to critique student work. "I never would have had the opportunity to learn so much outside of a university setting."

A family friend told Homewood Studios about Daisy's work, and she then received a request to do a portrait show. To prepare, Daisy grabbed friends and acquaintances and began painting. "I like doing portraits," Daisy says, "they give you a personal connection with the person you're working with, and each portrait has a different feel."

Daisy's story is definitely an inspiration to me as a current student. I hope to grow through my experiences at the University of Minnesota, like Daisy has, and pursue a career that I love once I graduate. After speaking with Daisy, I've realized that no aspiration is too small, no goal too far, and no dream too big.

Learn more about Daisy's art at http://www.facebook.com/daisygilesartist.



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