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From classroom to cubicle (and beyond!): how the U of M sets students up for success

One of the aspects I appreciate most about the University of Minnesota is its focus on preparing students for "the real world"--life after college. For example, the Carlson School of Management emphasizes group projects because teamwork is crucial in the business world. Every class I've taken within Carlson has contained some sort of group project. The team presentations and papers professors assign in my classes have helped me develop a skill set of communication, leadership, and organizational skills. These skills, along with understanding how to work in a group dynamic, are all very applicable to future careers and are exactly what employers are looking for when hiring college graduates. I've already been able to leverage my experiences with these group projects by talking about them in internship interviews for companies like Target and Kohl's!

Another way that I've been able to prepare myself for my future career is through taking advantages of the vast career services offered at the U of M. Every different college within the U of M has their own career services office. Since I'm a business student enrolled in Carlson School of Management, I frequent the Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC). The UBCC offers awesome services like resume reviews, mock interviews, workshops, an online job and internship searching system, and more. The list is nearly endless! When I filled out my first job application that required a resume during my freshman year, at first I felt completely lost. I had no idea where to begin! However, I used the UBCC career coaches as a resource to help me put my first resume together and they were so helpful. I definitely wouldn't have had such a professional, well-written resume if it weren't for the UBCC's resume review services. (By the way, I got the job!)

In a nutshell, U of M sends students off into "the real world" with countless opportunities, knowledge, and skills. It's just another reason to be filled with Gopher pride.

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