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Women's History Month

It's Women's History Month! The month of March is dedicated to paying tribute to the generations of women who have made invaluable contributions to society. The University of Minnesota's Women Center sponsors a number of Women's History Month events every March that include workshops, speakers, discussions, and more. These programs are designed to increase awareness and encourage actions that support women's and gender equity. Take a look at the complete list of events - you may find some that you're interested in attending.

The University of Minnesota also features a number of student groups on campus related to empowering women. If you're interested in getting involved on campus, I would definitely recommend checking out some of the groups listed below:

Women's Student Activist Collective

"The purpose of the Women's Student Activist Collective is to empower women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people to make positive changes in society by eliminating interrelated inequalities that produce oppression, with a focus on gender and sexuality."

Women in Medicine

"Women in Medicine is composed of University of Minnesota Medical Students as well as physician/faculty advisors and mentors. WIM is primarily involved in organizing networking and social events for female medical students and female physicians. WIM also sponsors lunch lectures to educate medical students on a spectrum of women's health issues."

Society of Women Engineers

"The primary focus of the Society of Women Engineers is to support and encourage women in science and engineering fields. SWE provides support, leadership opportunities  outreach experiences, community involvement, teamwork skills, and personal/professional development for females in science and engineering."

Women in Physics and Astronomy

"We provide networking opportunities for women graduate students, research associates, and faculty in physics and astronomy. We sponsor an annual luncheon to encourage relationships with women alumnae, an annual outreach/information session for female undergraduate physics majors, coffee meetings with female faculty, and discussions with visiting female physicists. We also work with other IT graduate women to promote and plan events for all women in IT."

Women of Virtue

"We have weekly bible or book studies where we learn about who Jesus is and what it looks like to be a woman of God. We also have weekly contact tables and occasional seminars where we seek to share the truth of Christ with others."

Women's Outreach and Leadership Force (WOLF)

"The Women's Outreach and Leadership Force, as a part of the Women's Center, works to connect individuals and organizations with resources, offer leadership development and educational programs, and advocate for systemic policy, structure and climate change. We also engage in regular campus and community service and outreach activities."

Black Motivated Women (BMW)

"BMW is an organization that serves as a vehicle in educating our community on all aspects of being a black woman (from all nationalities) in today's society. We plan to stretch beyond the University of Minnesota campus and serve both our campus and the community through forums, events, and volunteer service."

Undergraduate Women in Business

"Our mission is to empower undergraduate women through the integration of education, support, philanthropy, and professionalism to become the business leaders of tomorrow.We hold speaker meetings once a month on a variety of professional development topics, have monthly volunteer and social events, and a signature networking event once per semester. We also hold general member meetings once a month that focus on personal and professional development."

Viivncaus-Hmong Women's Group

"Our objectives include holding open discussions about balancing culture, education, and relationships to promote success in this dynamic environment. We focus on providing a safe space to raise cultural awareness of Hmong women in the context of retention in higher education and the importance of diversity. We also focus on career success strategies, relationships amongst families and friends, as well as networking with resources on campus and the wider Twin Cities community."

Chemical Engineering and Material Science (CEMS) Women's Group

"CEMS Women's Group is a collaborative effort by CEMS women to increase communication among the women in our department and our communication with women in science and engineering who are currently in working in industry, academia, government agencies, or national labs."

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