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Meet Josie, our new summer blogger!

Hello past, present and future Gophers!

My name is Josie Lampone and I am one of the summer bloggers for Gopher Tales! I am a senior pursuing a B.A. in theatre arts. I've worked in a variety of different offices here on campus, including the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, the Circle of Indigenous Nations, and the College of Biological Sciences. In addition to that, I have experienced East bank, West bank, and St. Paul campuses, all of which I greatly enjoy.

My knowledge and love for this University has only grown since I first visited here my senior year of high school. The sheer beauty of our campus, paired with the excellent academics and opportunities that this institution provides was what made me decide to choose this school over all the others. Over the years, the U of M has only topped my expectations, and I'm excited to share with you all of my experiences at this wonderful University.

I'll be blogging about the history of the University of Minnesota, as well as current events that are happening over the summer. There will also be some focus on different places around the University in general, and how the U of M relates to the larger Twin Cities area. As an arts major, I'm also very excited to share the different arts and culture events happening around both the University of Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

This school has been great for me in many different ways and I'm excited to represent the U of M through this blog, reaching out to all of our Future Gophers. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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