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Prepping For Midterms & Spring Break Plans

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Now that I am a senior and a more experienced college student, I know that the passing of Valentine's Day signals that midterm exams are right around the corner and stand as the final hurdle before spring break!  With that being said, I'd like to take a moment to impart some exam experience on prospective college students. 

College exams are, for the most part, a lot different than high school exams.  They cover more material and require students to apply the material at a higher level than what is required on most high school exams.  In most cases, they also take place under a strict time limit.  Ultimately this means that they require more studying and greater preparation!  I have already begun studying for a midterm exam a week and a half from today.  I don't study for an extended period of time, nor do I study every day, but beginning preparation in advance allows me to really become familiar with the material by the time the test comes around and also prevents me from pulling an all night cram session the night before. 

I don't mean to portray college exams as an insurmountable task.  As with anything, putting in the effort to study and learn the material generally results in a good exam score. 

When I finish my midterms this year, I am off to South Beach for a week's getaway for spring break.  This is the first year that I am going on a spring break trip and am very excited for some fun and sun!   I will be sure to provide updates on the outcomes of my midterms and my trip!

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