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Favorite Carlson Professors

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Throughout my time at the Carlson School of Management, I have had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of professors, each with his or her own style of teaching.  Many of the Carlson School professors have very different backgrounds in the corporate world or in academics, which give students a number of perspectives on how to become future business leaders. 

Professors from the corporate world provide in depth examples from their past experiences.  For those students planning on entering corporate after graduation, these perspectives will be valuable for students to draw upon and integrate into their jobs. 

Wayne Mueller, of the marketing department, is a professor that I learned a lot from.  He worked as an IBM sales executive for a number of years before coming to the Carlson School.  He challenged students to think about how they would back up their recommendations by using real business cases.  This is something that will greatly help me as I begin my career at Accenture this summer.

John Molloy, a finance instructor, is another professor that I learned a great deal from at the Carlson School.  He is well known for developing strong relationships with his students.  On only the second day of class, he knew over 60 students by name!  He also imparted a great deal of his corporate knowledge on the students.  His class inspired me to take more finance classes.  

The professors that have more of an academic background give students a perspective on business research.  This is very helpful for students who plan to pursue a career in academics.  They also teach students a good framework for how to complete research projects.

Michael Houston is the Carlson School Dean of International Programs and has completed a number of research projects. I have worked closely with him over the past year completing my honors thesis project.  His knowledge has given a great framework not only for this project, but also for any future research projects that I may complete in any future degrees that I pursue.

All in all, there are a number of great professors at the Carlson School with a variety of backgrounds and experience.  They are more than willing to help students in and out of the classroom.  In my opinion, the quality professors are a strong point of the Carlson School.

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