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Business Week & Case Competitions

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Every year in mid-April Carlson celebrates Business Week.  As Kathleen mentioned, it is meant as a celebration of the year's efforts (which does mean a lot of free food!).

The highlight of my Business Week experience this year was the Price is Right event where I won the grand showcase which was a Asis Eee notebook computer.  I was surprised considering I am generally not very lucky in these types of events and have only watched the television show a couple of times. Nevertheless, the notebook computer will be very useful when I am flying next year for work and don't want to carry a larger laptop. 

Business Week was a very fun and exciting week this year as it was a great chance to interact with others outside of the classroom.

The second thing I would like to take a moment to highlight are the case competitions.  Every year, Carlson hosts a number of case competitions which give students the chance to put their class work into practice and present to corporate leaders.  I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of these competitions in my time here at Carlson.

Typically, participants are given the case 24 hours in advance of when they need to present.  This presents a significant time constraint making teamwork and time management of vital importance. The case is generally a real company that is facing a business decision or has a problem that needs to be solved.  For instance, a company could be looking to build a new investment facility.  The case teams would need to assess the financial and business strategies behind this decision. 

I participated in the senior case competition this past fall.  The results of this competition provided me the opportunity to go on and represent Carlson at the Big Ten competition where my team placed 2nd. 

Our team also won the opportunity to represent the Carlson school at an international case competition in Maastricht, Netherlands!  However, the recent volcanic ash prevented our case team from making the trip! 

I would encourage any prospective students to participate in case competitions in business school as it provides great real life experience and is a great resume builder! 

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