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Last week I met with my advisor to finalize my schedule for this coming fall semester, as well as my following three semesters at the U. The relationship I have developed with my advisor during my two years at the U is invaluable. She has become not just a resource for academic guidance and career coaching, but also a mentor and support system for my four years at the U.

All students meet their advisors at orientation the summer before starting their freshman year. Students keep the same advisor for all four years at the U. Advisors also specialize in departments, meaning that the Carson advisors only advise Carlson students. This means the advisors have a deep understanding of Carlson's curriculum, student life, professors, and student organizations and activities. Because our advisors have advised so many Carlson students, they have heard almost every question, comment, and concern students have at least once, giving them a great understanding and appreciation for the college experience of Carlson students.

My favorite thing about advising appointments is that they always start off with a conversation about my life. When Kris, my advisor, asks me how things are going, I know the question applies to more than just the classroom. We talk about the activities I am involved in, how I am enjoying my classes and professors, the friends I am making, and how I am adjusting to life at college. From there, we discuss study skills for my current classes and plan for my future classes. Kris is always available to answer questions I have about nearly anything at the U. We meet in person two to three times a semester, which is slightly more than the required one meeting each semester. I also email her frequently, asking questions about the importance of different seminars on campus, activities to get involved in, and any other ideas I may be thinking about to add to my four-year plan at the U.

It is because I have such a comfortable and trusting relationship with Kris that I am able to make such wise decisions about how I am going to spend my four years the U. She has gotten to know me so well as a person that she can easily recommend courses, professors, and activities that I would enjoy. I know she has my best interest in mind, so she is one of the first people I go to for advice about my academic experience, campus life, and post-college plans. If you ask me, students are very lucky to have such a great resource and relationship so readily available on campus! 

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