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We are... Minnesota!

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Go Gophers, Go! One of the fun things about the U of M is that it is a member of the Big 10. There are tons of opportunities to don your Maroon & Gold and cheer for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Many students on campus are season ticket holders for Gopher Football. It's very exciting, since we students receive deeply discounted tickets. The new TCF Bank Stadium is big and beautiful, and still has that brand new smell. It has been so fun bringing football back to campus, especially for Homecoming Week.

Last year's Homecoming was a very memorable experience. We had a parade on campus the night before the big game. The parade ended at the stadium where students, family members, and alumni gathered for a Homecoming pep fest complete with fireworks. It was a great experience seeing campus light up that night with Gopher pride.

The students sit together in a big student section for all Gopher games. It makes for a great game-day environment. Student tickets holders receive a t-shirt with their season tickets, so all students unite in Gopher-wear. We also have several special cheers in the student section. My personal favorite is the "Super Goldy" cheer that students do during football games. After the Gophers score, the band begins playing the theme-song for "Super Goldy" and all the students reach their arms out and mimic a flying Superman. The cheer team raises Goldy up on a platform and he does as many push-ups as the Gophers have points while the students count along. There are many more fun choreographed student cheers, but don't worry-- you'll catch on quickly!  You can watch another one of my favorites here!

In addition to the fun of Gopher football games, many students buy season tickets for hockey and basketball. Students are also able to attend many sporting events for free, including baseball, women's basketball and hockey, gymnastics. women's soccer, softball, and volleyball. Be sure to look for the Student Nights at these events-- you can often get free pizza, t-shirts, or other giveaways just for showing up to cheer on the Gophers!

Well, today is game day for the Gopher football team. We're playing Northern Illinois at 7:30 tonight. Fall has finally arrived, so students will be breaking out the sweatshirts for tonight's game. Time for my friends and I to head over to McNamara for the campus-wide Pre-Game Day Party featuring food, fun, and friends (plus of the U of M marching band)! Go Gophers!!

Goings-on at the U

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Hello everyone! It's very nice to meet you! My name is Courtney Carufel and I am a junior this year at Carlson. I'm majoring in Marketing and French Studies which actually means I'll have a dual-degree from two colleges (one from the College of Liberal Arts and one from the Carlson School of Management). I hail from a small town called Oakgrove, Minnesota which is a little bit north of Anoka. We just got a Dairy Queen in town the past week and my parents had to call and tell me because it was such a big deal. Coming from a such small town, the U seemed incredibly enormous and that I could never conquer it or be comfortable, but now after being here for two years, I can't imagine having a college experience any other way. 

College life here is filled with so many opportunities and awesome things to do around campus.  I'm actually still in my business suit from the Career and Internship fair that Carlson held today.  There were about 80 companies represented and though going to talk to recruiters, as people who can determine your future job, is a little scary at first, they are nice and don't bite at all. Basically any business job you could ever want is represented and Carlson is there to help you achieve exactly what you want.  So hopefully soon I will be interviewing for a summer internship!

Homecoming is also just around the corner and people are already talking about it everyday.  There is a huge parade that Carlson gets to participate in, FOOTBALL, and of course this year Kid Cudi is coming...and for only $10 U of M students can get a ticket. $10? Right? It's awesome and student deals like that are only around so long, so we have to cherish them while we can.  

Also it's the kickoff for a lot of student organizations on campus.  Not only are there organizations that are business-specific...there are other organizations to fit basically every interest.  From the Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts (M.A.Z.E.) to the U-Tango Club to the Carlson School Business Board...there is literally something for everything you could possibly be interested in.  And if the U of M doesn't have it? All you need is four friends and $25 to start something new.

Opportunity is everywhere now on campus. I can't wait for all the things to come this year!

Back on Campus!

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It's hard to believe it's already fall on campus! It seems as if everyone is excited to be back and share their stories of summer. Many students passed the summer months working, completing internships, visiting family back home, or traveling abroad to take classes or complete internships.

I spent my summer at an internship where my office was literally a zoo. I worked as a marketing and public relations intern at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Saint Paul. I had the opportunity to write many press releases, interact with media, manage social networking sites, and write and appear in television promotions for the zoo. I also planned one of Saint Paul's annual events that has more than 5,000 attendees. I especially loved this internship because I love animals. The experience helped me see how fun it is to work in a field related to one of my passions. My most memorable day was the day where, after writing a press release about a new baby giraffe at the zoo, I had the chance to meet the giraffe in person and feed him out of my hand--it was an unforgettable experience! Needless to say, I loved this internship and Como Zoo will never be quite the same place to me.

Many students find their internships to be fulfilling in that they either love the company or field they are working in, or they learn they might fit better in another work environment or field of study. Either way, summer internships provide a great experience, learning opportunity, and step into the work world. 

It's sure to be a busy and fun fall. Classes are off to a good start and the Gophers have their first home football game this Saturday. It's going to be a great semester!