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Hello everyone! It's very nice to meet you! My name is Courtney Carufel and I am a junior this year at Carlson. I'm majoring in Marketing and French Studies which actually means I'll have a dual-degree from two colleges (one from the College of Liberal Arts and one from the Carlson School of Management). I hail from a small town called Oakgrove, Minnesota which is a little bit north of Anoka. We just got a Dairy Queen in town the past week and my parents had to call and tell me because it was such a big deal. Coming from a such small town, the U seemed incredibly enormous and that I could never conquer it or be comfortable, but now after being here for two years, I can't imagine having a college experience any other way. 

College life here is filled with so many opportunities and awesome things to do around campus.  I'm actually still in my business suit from the Career and Internship fair that Carlson held today.  There were about 80 companies represented and though going to talk to recruiters, as people who can determine your future job, is a little scary at first, they are nice and don't bite at all. Basically any business job you could ever want is represented and Carlson is there to help you achieve exactly what you want.  So hopefully soon I will be interviewing for a summer internship!

Homecoming is also just around the corner and people are already talking about it everyday.  There is a huge parade that Carlson gets to participate in, FOOTBALL, and of course this year Kid Cudi is coming...and for only $10 U of M students can get a ticket. $10? Right? It's awesome and student deals like that are only around so long, so we have to cherish them while we can.  

Also it's the kickoff for a lot of student organizations on campus.  Not only are there organizations that are business-specific...there are other organizations to fit basically every interest.  From the Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts (M.A.Z.E.) to the U-Tango Club to the Carlson School Business Board...there is literally something for everything you could possibly be interested in.  And if the U of M doesn't have it? All you need is four friends and $25 to start something new.

Opportunity is everywhere now on campus. I can't wait for all the things to come this year!

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