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The Lovely Hanson Hall

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One of the best things about Carlson is our fabulous facilities. The Carlson School has two of its own buildings, the Carlson building and Hanson Hall. The Carlson building was built back in the 90s. It's a gorgeous facility and is home to many undergraduate classes, events (such as dinners, speakers, presentations, and fun student gatherings), the International Programs office, and the MBA program. While we undergrads do share space with the MBA students in the Carlson building, we get our own beautiful building right next door -- Hanson Hall.

Hanson Hall was completed in the fall of 2008. It's a building designed for just the undergraduate students in the Carlson community. (Hanson and Carlson are even connected by a skyway so students don't need to venture out into the cold in the middle of winter!) The classrooms are specially designed for an optimal academic setting. Each classroom features a dual projection system that allows professors to utilize technology including PowerPoints, videos, special online explorations, and more. The dual projection technology allows professors to show a PowerPoint on one board, and a data spreadsheet, chart, or picture right next to it. The rooms were also designed to hold 75-120 students without the need for stadium seating. Each student has the ability to see, hear, and interact with the professor -- no microphones needed! The tables are equipped with outlets so students can keep their computers charged during class, and the chairs swivel for easy movement for group collaboration during class.

The great design of Hanson continues outside of the classrooms. All three floors of Hanson feature breakout rooms -- rooms students can reserve for group work with their peers, or independent study. Each breakout room has outlets for computers, as well as a flat screen TV that students can use to project a presentation right from their computers. Perfect for rehearsing for presentations!

The basement of Hanson features a large computer lab with three printers (Carlson students get free printing!) as well as the Laptop Repair Center for students with laptops in the laptop program (visit the laptop program website to learn more about that great laptop program!). There is also an undergraduate student lounge with lots of study space for both group work and independent study. A lot of the student organizations at Carlson host their weekly meetings in the undergraduate lounge as well. The lounge also makes a great place for a lunch or snack break. There's even a microwave to heat up your food!

Upstairs houses the Undergraduate Program Office (home of the advisors and Carlson staff), the Undergraduate Business Career Center (where students go for resume reviews, interviews, and any other career related questions), and my favorite feature of Hanson Hall-- Starbucks. It's a popular hangout all day long, but it is an especially popular stop before morning classes start and on days when we need something warm to take the chill of winter away! I recommend the Caramel Apple Spice in the winter and the Iced Passion Tea Lemonade for a cool refreshment when it's warm out-- yum!     

I hope I've given you a little insight to our beautiful space here at Carlson. The students really appreciate having such a nice place to go to class, study, and relax. Make sure you check out the virtual tour on Carlson's website if you haven't already.  It's a great way to see what life at Carlson really looks like!

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