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What do I want to be when I grow up?

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Only a few students know exactly what they want to study in college, and even if they're sure of an area they want to pursue (like business for instance), there are a ton of different majors that are contained within that area. So let's dispel the idea that college students are completely certain about what they want to do for the rest of their lives.I know for sure that I wasn't. During senior year of high school I wanted to do business, pre-law, teaching, and veterinary medicine. So basically I was all over the board.

So on the first day of freshmen year, I was lucky not to be stepping into a lecture hall of students with different interests. Instead, I stepped into a classroom full of Carlson freshmen students and the dean, Alison Davis-Blake, which is an experience not all students get the opportunity to have. Together, my classmates and I learned all about management and how business operates today. Within a couple weeks, I knew for sure that I was in the right place and that business was exactly the route for me.

Soon after, I got the chance to explore the functional areas of business like accounting, business statistics, operations, business strategy, career skills, marketing, and finance, all within the first two years of my undergraduate program. So not only was I sure that business was going to be my area of study, but after exploring these areas, I also was sure of my major. Not too shabby when you consider that about 80% of college students change their major over their college career. I had all the tools at my disposal to decide exactly what my future would hold.

Many programs take the first two years for liberal education requirements, while admission into the business school comes during junior year. I can't imagine the pressure that those first two years would entail and all the outside research that I would have done to determine what I wanted to do. Carlson just made the process stress-free and helped me and my classmates every step of the way.

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