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Laptop Program

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As you transition to your college life, one essential that people always seem to need is a laptop.  It affords you the opportunity to take your work on the go and have the ability to connect anywhere and everywhere you go.  There are also tons of options out there for laptops that have varying levels of service, features, and of course the coolness factor.  Carlson tries to make this purchase as easy as possible by having their own laptop program.

The laptop program is something that you can opt into (learn more about the program here).  I know that many of my classmates and I have decided to purchase a machine from the Carlson School, namely because of the four year warranty.  That warranty comes complete with a repair center right in the basement of Hanson Hall where all parts for the computer are stocked.  

My friend who also has the Carlson laptop was working on a paper that she needed to turn in later that day when she spilled the diet coke all over her keyboard. After freaking out and trying to clean it up off the computer, it became clear that the machine wasn't going to work.  She ran it down to the Hanson Hall Laptop Repair center where they were able to completely fix her computer in two hours flat and she was able to turn in her paper on time.  Not too shabby, eh? 

She saved herself the trouble of having to send the laptop out to get it repaired and paying extensively for the repair.  The turnaround time was so short compared to a retailer warranty center.  And best of all...her data was saved just in time.

The model is a business-class Lenovo ThinkPad that is used by almost all of corporate America.  After graduating, I know many students who continue to use their laptops in some facet of their professional careers because though the machine is four years old at that point, it still works perfectly.  The laptop is durable, reliable, and it comes with a warranty that can't be beat by anyone.

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