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Experiences with Faculty

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One thing that has always impressed me about Carlson and the U of M is how much professors get to know their students.  I graduted from a small high school where every teacher knew almost every student.  When I chose to come to Minnesota, I did not really expect my professors to know my name or who I was.  Over the past four years, though, I have been very impressed by how much professors get to know their students. 

I have had large classes in Carlson (about 100 students) and small classes (less than 20 or 30 students), but in all my classes my professors have gotten to know me.  It has also been fun getting to know my professors, many of them have years of experience in the workforce and constantly share their experiences with us so that we know what to expect when we enter it.  The instructors care about their students and want to make sure that they are succeeding in class.  Every professor holds office hours each week, where they are just sitting in their office waiting for any students to come in to get extra help.  The help can be for upcoming tests or assignments, or even talking about what you want to major in or what career you can go into.  There are great advisors and career coaches in Carlson, but I've gotten a lot of advice from professors too.  And if you can't make it to their office hours, every professor I've had says to either call or e-mail them to set up another time to meet.

In my service management class this semester, which has about 18 people in it (yes, I counted!), Professor Goldstein mentioned that if it was too far to go home for Thanksgiving, we could spend it at her house.  I thought that was a great example how professors do care about students.  She also held class outside a few times when it was nice after another student was joking that he had almost made it through all his education without getting to have class outside. 

It is probably possible to make it through Carlson without having too much interaction with your professors, but you would be missing out on a lot.  So take advantage of them while you can!

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