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Going without showering for a few days, sleeping a few hours each night, and making your brain run an academic marathon wouldn't seem very glamourous to some. Well let's face it folks, sometimes finals aren't all that glamourous. They are one of the most intense and challenging experiences you will have in college but also one of the most rewarding.  It is absolutely incredible to look back on all that you have accomplished during the semester: projects, presentations, and tests and know that you are done with all of them.

Finals come in various forms for different classes -- some essay, some take-home, and some multiple choice -- but all tend to be challenging yet manageable if you have been reading and participating in class throughout the semester.  The challenging part to me was that the classes cover a lot of material.  My high school was trimester-based so the semester-long classes were a real adjustment for me, but I quickly realized I liked this system better.  These semester length courses divide the year nicely and allow for about a month-long break (not too shabby) to rest and prepare for spring semester.

I am kind of in the middle of this slew of finals right now and have had three presentations this week, but luckily for me the University of Minnesota really helps facilitate studying. Not only are there a ton of coffee shops around campus, there are beautiful libraries (Walter is my favorite because it looks like something out of Harry Potter), Carlson and Hanson break-out rooms, and so many other nook-and-cranny secret study spots.  My current favorite place is in the basement of Carlson next to the cafeteria.  There is coffee nearby (always a necessity) and food if a study break is needed.  Hope you have the chance to find your own spot during your first finals!!

Wish me luck as I head into the home stretch!  

Happy Holidays!  


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