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January 2011 Archives

Another semester has started, and this is my last one before graduating!  I'm happy to finally start the final push, but it is always a little sad to be done with winter break.  I spent most of the break at home in Iowa spending time with my family and friends.  I did spend some time in Twin Cities too.

The highlight of my break had to be watching the the Gopher basketball team beat the fifth ranked Boilermakers at The Barn!  It was a great game, and the student section was very loud!  Right before break ended the Gophers also beat Iowa, which I didn't forget to remind my friends back home in Iowa about!!

Aside from watching basketball, I spent a lot of time outside too.  One of my roommates (a hockey cheerleader) attempted to teach me how to ice skate.  I didn't think I was too bad, but my roommate wasn't so sure.  We skated on the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, and there were a lot of other skaters, as well as some hockey games going on and some cross country skiing and snow shoeing.  It might get cold once and a while, but there is always plenty to do!

We'll see how much practice I can get in once classes and assignments get going.  Thankfully (with the help of my advisor), I've been able to plan my classes well and only have 13 credits this semester!   That should leave some good time for practice, let's just hope my roommate doesn't give up on me first!