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A good way to gain business experience while still in school is through internships, and there is no shortage of them at Carlson.  A big benefit of going to business school in a major city is that many of the companies hiring students for internships are a short bus ride away.  Because we're so close, many summer internships turn into part-time jobs during the school year and sometimes even full-time jobs after graduation! 

Carlson has great resources to help students find out about internships and give them the best chance to secure one as well.  There are two Career and Internship Fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  There is also a job and nternship posting website exclusively for Carlson students called The Edge, and there are internship postings throughout the year on that site.  It's really easy to upload your resume and apply for a position.

The Edge is run by the Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC), and they have so many resources for students.  You can meet with a peer career coach, another student who has been through the internship process and knows really well how it works.  You can also meet with a career counselor to get advice or just to talk about your internship and career options.  You can set up a mock-interview to practice before your real one, and have someone look over your resume or cover letter before sending it out. 

I have friends that have had internships at great companies like 3M, Best Buy, Target, General Mills, and Medtronic.  One of my good friends had an internship on the top floor of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Minneapolis, and she was nice enough to take me up there once - awesome view!  I've had a great internship the last couple of years in the admissions office on campus, and there are lots of great ways to gain experience even on campus.  With so many great resources, the path to get an internship has been made pretty easy, all you have to do is follow through with it!

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