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The Many Benefits of Student Groups

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One of the ways I've felt the most involved on campus is through my participation in student groups. My freshman year I became a student ambassador for the Carlson School. I got to meet a small group of 20 students, including upperclassman. Being an ambassador helps me feel connected to Carlson in many ways. I love representing Carlson at prospective student events. I get to meet cool students-- like you!-- and learn about their college selection process. I also got to plan my favorite Carlson event, the Chocolate Gala, for two years as an ambassador. It was a fun way to connect to my classmates at Carlson and feel involved as a student. There are some other fun duties of being an ambassador, including photo-shoots and filming video segments. I've also gotten to know many faculty members and administrators at Carlson, as I've had the opportunity to contribute at meetings and attend leadership retreats with them.

My sophomore year I got involved with the University Honors Student Association as the Social Co-Chair. Our group was small-- there were just about ten students on the board who I got to know very well. In addition to planning events for honors students, I got the chance to participate in fun "board bonding" events, like coffee dates and a dinner at Annie's Parlour (one of the favorite burger and shake joints on campus).

Building leadership skills is just one of the skills you learn being in a student group. You get the chance to lead in a "safe" environment (the mistakes you make don't lead to a loss of corporate dollars or company reputation). Beyond the leadership and resume skills, I've also been able to make really good friends. My Social Co-Chair and I got really close my sophomore year. Although we don't serve on the board together this year, we still find time to get together for lunch and the occasional movie. She's not in Carlson and she is a year older than me, so the odds we would have met if it hadn't been for the student group are slim. I'm happy I was able to meet her and have the great friendship we have now. I've also gotten the chance to grow as a leader. After a year on the University Honors Student Association board, I was elected president of the organization. I took on a much larger role with a lot of responsibility. I've gotten a lot of guidance and support from our faculty adviser, which makes the learning experience that much better.

I highly recommend you join in a student group (or two, or three!) of your choice on campus. Whether you're looking for something academically enriching, or just for fun (you can join clubs for ballroom dancing or martial arts to something related to your major or college) it's just so much fun to get involved!

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