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To Be, or Not to Be... Choosing a Major at Carlson

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To be or not to be a marketing/finance/accounting/operations/human resources/entrepreneurship major-- that is the question! Fear not, the process of choosing a major is much simpler than you might think, thanks to many benefits provided by Carlson! In fact, some might say it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Management 1001: This is our introductory management class that you'll take here as a freshman. The class is a GREAT overview of the business world. You'll get to explore current events in business, the different departments and facets of a business, and how they all work together to make a business (and our world) run. This is a very cool class that will help you know you're in the right school and general area of study and excite you about your next four years at Carlson. 

2. Future Fright Week:
The Undergraduate Business Career Center puts on a great week right around Halloween each year. Professors, students, and alumni come to speak to students about the various majors at Carlson. They'll talk about what the curriculum is like, why people study that major, what role it plays in business, and how they use their degree in their job today. It's a relaxing week-- free food is included-- and you'll learn that you have nothing to fear about your future.

3. Immersion Core: You'll hear us call this I-CORE for short. Immerson Core, or I-CORE, is a group of classes you'll take in the spring of your sophomore year comprised of marketing, finance, operations, and business strategy. So you think you want to be a finance major? Great! You get the chance to take a finance class, see what it's all about, and decide if it's really for you-- all before you have to officially declare a major! After I-CORE, most students feel they have enough experience to confidently declare a major and do so at the end of their sophomore year.

A few other things to note about majors:
  • Most students do not know what they are going to major in when they start school.
  • Yes, it is possible to double major. Many students do so.
  • You can have a major outside of the Carlson School. So your love of a foreign language or astrophysics? Go ahead and get another degree! 

I am a marketing major. I always knew I wanted to study something broad and creative, and marketing seemed like a natural fit. While no one was surprised when I declared my major in marketing, it was nice to have some experience in marketing classes before I made my final decision. I hope I've been able to shed a little light on how easy the process of declaring a major is. Happy decision making!

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