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Spring Break!

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One of the nicest parts about spring semester during college is that there is that little thing we fondly refer to as spring break.  A week to go somewhere, do service work, rest, or even catch up on homework (as lame as that's true).  For me, my spring break encapsulates all of these elements.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to have an early spring break where I got to travel on a bus with 35 high school students to St. Louis, Missouri with a group called Students Today, Leaders Forever.  If you haven't heard about them before, I suggest you look them up (here on their website or their facebook page ) because it was one of the greatest and most life changing experiences in my college career thus far.

The organization was started right here at the University of Minnesota by four freshmen Carlson School students. Pretty amazing right? Who ever said that young people couldn't change the world? Well the great story doesn't end there - after college the four students created a national nonprofit that has provided 120,000 hours of service to states across the country through their 257 Pay it Forward Tours.  The Pay it Forward Tours consist of service through volunteering throughout the day and leadership activities at night.  The tour particpants sleep on the floor at various organizations that provide free housing, there are few showers to be had, but the relationships and lessons learned are abundant.  Check out this video for more info! 

For the tour I went on, I had the opportunity to be a college leader.  To see the transformation that these students made from the first day to the last was a truly enlightening and amazing experience.  They became more aware of who they wanted to be, how to treat others with respect, and how to be a true leader.  So promise me, if you ever have the opportunity to go on a tour, go because you will be forever changed!

During my actual spring break period next week, I will be going to Las Vegas for a couple of days with my family and then working on homework for the rest of the week.  I am starting work on my honors thesis project so I will have a lot to do! It will also be a good time to rest up and kick it into high gear for the rest of the semester.  

I hope your spring breaks are/have been fruitful and relaxing as well!

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