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The End is in Sight

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It's my last semester before graduation and the end of my college career is in sight.  That also means that I am enrolled in my capstone class.  Each major in Carlson has a capstone class, which you normally take the last semester of your senior year.  This is a class that is meant to take everything you have learned so far and tie it all together, but it is more than just a typical class.

Most capstone classes are writing intensive, which means that there can be a lot of writing to do.  The benefit of this, though, is that you are learning how to write documents that you will actually be using in the workplace.  For my supply chain and operations management major, the capstone also spends time looking at the "big picture" theory and how we can directly apply that to different situations that a company is in.  We will read from a text book or academic journal and learn about the theory or technique, and then read a case-study about a company.  Our papers and class discussions are then often about how to use the theory or technique within that company.  This is great practice for things that we will be doing at our jobs after graduation.

Another nice aspect of the capstone is that our professor brings in many business leaders to talk with the class.  These are great opportunities to ask questions about working in a specific field, ways to advance your career, and get any other career advice.  We are not even half-way through the semester and have had two of these panels with more to come.  While the capstone classes might be some work, its a great way to finalize your college education and connect it to your career.

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