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Two degrees...Four years? Totally possible.

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I was completely shocked to find out that students at Carlson were completing two (or even three) degrees in four years when I came as a prospective student. They weren't getting just two business degrees but had innovative combinations of majors that complemented their interests. Things like aerospace engineering and accounting to chemistry and finance.

I had prepared myself as an incoming student to be willing to compromise my interests because I had heard that AP credits were difficult to transfer and that some colleges wouldn't even take them (which might mean four arduous years of completing liberal education requirements that I wasn't even necessarily interested in). To my surprise, I was able to transfer all of my credits to my undergraduate degree and getting this leg up has proved instrumental in accomplishing exactly what I wanted in college.

French has been an area of interest for me since I took my first class in high school.  I had already decided at that point that I didn't want to be a teacher so majoring solely in French studies seemed pretty risky to me.  When registering for my classes the first time, I asked my advisor, "Should I even take any language classes?" She responded that she could see how passionate I was and and encouraged me to sign up because I had enough time to complete the two degrees.

Keep in mind that the French studies degree is in the College of Liberal Arts, a separate college from Carlson at the University of Minnesota.  This college comes with its own degree regulations and specifications, but luckily for me the only difference in specifications is in the number of language classes you have to take (so I already had that one covered).

After taking my first French class I knew I wanted to continue on and gain complete fluency.  You might ask why French...that really doesn't have anything to do with business? But for me, it has everything to do with business.  Speaking French fluently is a unique skill and something that really makes me stand out in an interview and to a company.  Additionally, with the spread of companies throughout the world it's not a stretch to say I might be living and working for a company in fact that's exactly what I hope to do!  

Living in this metropolitan area of the Twin Cities has also allowed me the opportunity to have an internship in the most innovative combination of my two degrees. I got to work at the French Alliance in Minneapolis and conduct market research all while speaking French. Pretty awesome eh? 
For next semester, I will be in the beautiful, sunny part of southern France and hopefully I will be fluent by the end.  Let's just say it's not a bad way to spend your senior year.  So for all you out there interested in something different other than business it doesn't mean that you can't be a business student...because here at the U, you can be whatever you want.  

Until next time, au revoir!   

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