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Hey everyone!

My name is DJ Wesely and I am a junior here at Carlson.  I am double majoring in finance and accounting and I plan on going on to get my Masters of Accounting as well as my CPA.  I am from Mankato, MN, which is located in southern Minnesota.  I have never blogged before so this will be a new experience for me.  I'm looking forward to giving it a shot an hopefully giving some perspective on what its like to be a junior at the Carlson School of Management and going through the process of trying to get an internship.

Carlson offers countless opportunities to their students in their search for an internship (and hopefully a full time job!)  The Undergraduate Business Career Center offers resume reviews and mock interviews to prepare you for your search.  Armed with a little experience and a professional resume, you head over to the career fair, which is usually towards the end of September.  The career fair is held at TCF Bank Stadium in an awesome room filled with windows overlooking part of campus.  This year there were about 90 companies there to recruit Carlson students.  You have the opportunity, once you overcome your initial nerves, to go up and introduce yourself to all kinds of companies looking for excellent future employees. 

The career and internship fair is a great way to get your name out there so recruiters can put a face to the name on your resume.  After the career fair its best to start applying to jobs on The Edge.  The Edge is Carlson's private job search website and it is constantly filled with companies searching out students.  I have spent days sifting through companies deciding which ones I would like to apply to.

Applying to companies is simple, all you have to do is upload your resume to The Edge and submit it to different companies.  After that it is just a waiting game to see if you got a chance to interview.  The last few weeks I have had several, with a couple more upcoming in the next few weeks!  It is an exciting to have the opportunity to showcase my talents and desire to work for different companies not only in the Twin Cities, but also all across the country.  Interviews are a little nerve racking at times, but it's good to know that I have been properly prepared by Carlson to answer anything the interviewers throw at me!

Well, it's off to homework for me, thanks for stopping by to read and stay posted for more updates this coming year.

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