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Every college kid knows you can't be "studying" all day long, so most students find some kind of organization to become involved with on campus.  Carlson has over 20 student organizations with everything from groups associated with your major, to business professional fraternities, to a multicultural student association.  With so many different opportunities out there, the hardest thing is choosing which ones you have the time for!  All of the groups sponsor great activities about once a week and this is a great way to meet people with similar interests.  I like to attend Student Accounting and Finance Association (SAFA) meetings to listen to business professionals come in from the community and workplace and talk about what a future is like in the real world and what kind of opportunities exist for students.  Of course, one of the best things is all of the free food too!

If you can't find a student group that fits your interests within Carlson you can always join one of the hundreds of groups campus wide.  They have everything from a dance group to a journalism club or even skydiving.  If for some reason you still can't find something you are interested in, it only takes five friends to get together to apply to start your own University of Minnesota student group.  I also like to spend my time playing some of the dozens of intramural sports offered on campus, which are a great way to meet new people and have a fun competition (football playoffs start tomorrow night, wish me luck!).  Even just being involved in different activities in your residence hall as a freshman is a great way to get out and meet new people and experience college life.

To be involved, you don't even have to restrict yourself strictly to student groups either.  There is a thriving volunteer community in Minneapolis, and countless opportunities to donate your time to help.  The Ronald McDonald house is just steps away from the SuperBlock (freshman residence hall area.)  There are also many different area hospitals that love volunteers and are a great way to help the community and build your resume.  Students on campus also put on many great events such as the Susan Komen Walk for the Cure every year as well as multiple other huge events and activities.  These are a great way to go and show your support for those who are sick and searching for cures.

Being involved on campus is easy, and everyone should do it.  At a campus as big as the U, the most difficult part is finding which of the hundreds of opportunities you want to dedicate your time to!

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