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Residence Halls!

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Did you know Bailey Hall is the best hall in St. Paul?

Yeah... not many people do. It's the only U of M residence hall on the St. Paul campus, actually. If you haven't guessed, I was one of the lucky few Carlson students to live in Bailey Hall for my freshman year. It was definitely a different experience than living on the SuperBlock (Territorial, Centennial, Frontier and Pioneer Halls), the others on the East Bank of campus (Comstock and Sanford), or even Middlebrook, the lone wolf of the West Bank. All of the residence halls have their own unique personalities, and anyone you ask will tell you his or hers is the best. So, Bailey Hall. Obviously. 

Residence halls are the best place to meet new people as a freshman. Coming to the U, I didn't know anyone. Being thrown into a building with hundreds of other freshmen in the same situation is by far the best way to solve that problem! Even though we didn't have the same courses of study, many of my best friends are people I met in Bailey! 

If you want to live with freshmen taking the same classes as you, Living Learning Communities (LLC) are a great way to do that! Territorial Hall is home to the Carlson Leadership House, a section of the hall just for Carlson students. It's a great opportunity to meet other Carlson students, and since you'll be in so many of the same classes, it's also a great study-group opportunity. A great opportunity to form Micro-econ emotional support groups as well, I'm sure.

Living on campus is awesome. You'll always have someone to do homework with, you live next door to all your friends, there's easy access to food and always something fun to do! The idea of living on campus in a residence hall may be stressful now, but I promise it will be one of (the many) highlights of your freshman year! Even if you don't get your first choice. Or second. Or third... you get the point. Honestly, Bailey Hall was pretty far down on my list. But it's still the best hall in St. Paul! All of the residence halls are great in their own ways, and anywhere you end up will be fun and full of friends waiting to be met! 

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