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Career Skills

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BA 3000: Career Skills is one of the initial building blocks of a Carlson education. It's a 1-credit class required for sophomores that teaches you all the basic skills necessary to take that first leap into the business world!

My favorite part about BA 3000 is that the assignments are all super practical things like creating your resume and writing a cover letter. In class, we get to go over what to do (and what not to do) when writing both, as well as have a chance to get them critiqued. More than anything, BA 3000 teaches us how to best take advantage of all the resources offered at Carlson. For example, The Edge Assignment is an introduction to Carlson's online internal recruiting website for internships and job postings. 

If you walked in on the middle of a BA 3000 class, you could find anything from a business attire how-to to a panel of recruiters from the area's various Fortune 500 companies answering any questions you have about the interviewing process. It's a safe environment for sophomores like me who may not yet be familiar with the ins and outs to ask questions and gain insight into the process. 

The handbook for the class is probably one of the most practical textbooks you'll get over your four years, too. It has examples of cover letters, resumes, a chapter on building your interview skills, strategies for successful job searching, guides on business correspondence, and the list goes on. I've talked to Carlson alumni that still have (and use!) their handbook often. It's an invaluable tool that I plan on keeping for a long time! 

Lastly, though, the class is fun. Resumes, cover letters, and job interviews may not be the most exciting topics, but the class makes all these topics infinitely more accessible and interesting!

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