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Future Fright Week!

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Picking a major can be a pretty intimidating thought. Some people just know; others not so much. Some, you could even say, are frightened by the idea. Well, have no fear, because Future Fright Week is here!

I think I'd safely put myself in the last category of people, which is why I've been eagerly anticipating Future Fright Week here at Carlson. All week there have been programs designed to help freshmen and sophomores like myself get a better idea about which major is right for us. There are info sessions for every major, all including a professor that teaches a Carlson class within the major and a panel of people who actually work in that career! The professor starts off giving a bit of information about the different kinds of topics you'd be studying and the different potential career paths available to you. Then the panel of professionals answers any and every question you could have! This week I heard everything from questions about starting salaries in Human Resources and Industrial Relations-related careers to a question about the possibility of having a family while also having a successful career in consulting. 

Although Consulting isn't a major at Carlson, it's a career that many of the students here are interested in. But, after Future Fright Week, I know it probably isn't right for me! Which is pretty exciting. Actually, after Future Fright Week and comparing information from a couple of majors I thought I'd be interested in, I'm pretty sure Marketing might be the right major for me. And I can assure you, finally knowing that is exactly the OPPOSITE of frightening!  

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