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Studying Abroad

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One of the best things about Carlson is the vast number of opportunities to study abroad.  Every Carlson student is required to study abroad at least once during their time here, and they have countless options of where, and how long they want to be abroad.  Carlson offers two main different program options.  The first option is a two week program in which you would take a class for the second half of a semester and then travel abroad for two weeks either in January or May.  This fits really well for students who don't want to, or can't afford to, spend a whole semester abroad.  I am planning on spending next January in Brazil after taking a management class based on innovation.  I am very excited to get a nice warm winter break and learn about Brazil and their exciting economy.

The second option is taking a full semester abroad.  There are a ton of different options that can take you to anywhere in the world (except Antarctica!).  Some of the more popular choices are Australia and Spain. Sometimes your study abroad opportunity will include not only your classes, but even an internship.  This is an exciting opportunity to really immerse yourself into a the way other cultures conduct their business, which in this increasingly global economy is a great experience.

On top of the business based study abroad trips that Carlson offers, the University offers a staggering amount of places and opportunities, some of which are very structured and others not quite as much.  The most difficult part about studying abroad is deciding which trip is best for you.  Your freshman year you are required to complete a helpful tool called International Experience 101 (I.E. 101.).  This introduces you to the process of choosing your study abroad goals and really gets you started thinking about what you want.  On top of that the Carlson Global Institute staff is always ready and willing to help you figure out how going abroad best fits each student.  With all the possibilities, the hardest part is deciding which one fits you best!

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