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A lot of motivation in choosing a school comes from where it will position you for your future. If the career search and the possibly of choosing some specific field seems daunting, that is completely okay...because as much as people want to insist that they've known from the age of two that they were going to be an accountant, it honestly never happens quite like that. At various stages in life, people want to try new things and in the college years, career exploration takes center stage. So what I'm saying is that there is no need to be stressed about choosing a career field because Carlson provides everything and more to help you be the "U" you want to be. Now I, like you, was once in that panic stage, and I also haven't always had a concrete idea about what I wanted to do. At various points throughout my four years I have thought about being a lawyer, a small business owner, an analyst at Target, a French professor, a Marketing I guess you could say I was a little all over the place. But every step of the way my advisor was there to support and help me in whichever way that she could even if that meant switching from Carlson. I think that truly speaks of the support system here from both the advising staff and the Undergraduate Business Career Center that cares so much about each individual student. Though when you are ready to start choosing potential career fields, Carlson has every opportunity to contact with those people and industries through clubs, the career fair, and the mock interview marathon to name a few. So it's all up to you. Honestly I find myself right at this time to be sort of a non-traditional student in that I studied abroad at a time when most seniors were interviewing for a whole bunch of jobs. But just because you follow a little different path doesn't mean that Carlson can't help you. In fact for students like me they had a special career fair this summer so that those connections could be made before I left for France. It was like getting the best of both worlds in that I was able to have my study abroad experience right when I wanted it and I was still able to interview with the companies I hoped to work for without being here during recruiting season. All of this process is made easier by the amazing set of services the career center provides like the Edge (our own computer system where companies post jobs and internships), the set of 22 interview rooms (where companies come directly to Carlson to recruit), the classes that prepare you for interviewing, and the active and diligent effort with which Carlson engages the business community all make this an incredible time to be graduating from Carlson and searching for a job.

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