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Guest Blogger: Ellie Schneider - Surving the Minnesota Winter!

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Growing up in Minnesota, I loved playing in the snow and seeing it glisten in the sun. Now it takes a little extra preparation to go outside in the cold, and I just hope I don't wreck my boots in the slush. However, after living on campus for 3 years now I do have a few tricks to surviving a Minnesota winter: 1. Boots and a long coat. It doesn't matter what brand of boots you own, just that they keep your feet warm and help you avoid slush. I made the best purchase of my life when I bought a coat that went down to my knees. It might not be most fashionable coat, but it does the trick to keep me warm. 2. Dry your hair. I made the mistake on the coldest day of the semester of going outside with wet hair. My hair froze within 2 minutes; I was scared to even touch me head in case my hair broke off. Having dry hair might take more effort, but it saves you from some hair trauma later in the day. 3. U-Pass. I live off-campus this year and buying a U-Pass for Metro Transit this semester has saved me. The bus stop is a block from my apartment and it goes straight to West Bank, but it takes the same amount of time as walking, and is a lot warmer. 4. Tunnels. I mastered the tunnels at the U when I was a freshman, and they still are key to keeping me warm every day. Especially on West Bank, they are great! Once I get on the bus by my house, I barely have to walk outside to get to class in Carlson. If you follow these tips, you will most definitely survive a Minnesota winter, especially if it is as mild as this year. Just in case it does get colder, (in severe weather cases) I wear Under Armour leggings and shirt under all my clothes, which keeps me nice and toasty.

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