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Guest Blogger: Kathleen Price - I Get Credit for This?

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I Get Credit for This?! You may be wondering if Carlson is all business all the time. While Carlson classes are fun, challenging, and engaging, there are many other classes outside of the business curriculum that students take advantage of. Did you know you can get academic credit for taking piano lessons or studying the physics of superhero comic book characters? Here's a little sneak peek into some of the favorite (non-business) classes at the U of M! 1. The History of Rock and Roll Learn the evolution of rock, pop, and rap music since the 1970s through listening to music and watching music videos. Each class features a different artist and genre of music. I can guarantee you'll love the class. I took this class in the spring semester of my freshman year with one of my friends from Welcome Week. We had a blast! 2. Yoga Yes, yoga is a class. If spending a couple hours twice a week getting your 'om' on is totally your thing--look no further. The U also offers a class on meditation. Both are perfect relaxation tools for a busy semester. Space is limited, so register early! 3. Guitar and Piano Lessons Here's your chance to master that instrument you never learned when you were younger! Classes are offered at both the beginner and intermediate level. I took piano lessons for years when I was younger and really enjoyed the intermediate class. I found playing piano for a couple hours each day to be a great addition to my schedule! 4. Physical Education This is not your high school gym class. The PE department at the U offers classes in tennis, golf, skiing, springboard diving, badminton, karate, judo, rock climbing, bowling, ice skating, cricket, and scuba diving-- just to name a few. Whether you want to learn something new, or just continue staying involved in an activity you already love, there's a PE class that's sure to please everyone. 5. Pirates of the Caribbean Embrace your inner Johnny Depp and learn the history of pirating in one of the U's newest history classes. I think this class is an example of how the U incorporates current topics with fun themes to allow students to explore their own personal interests. I hope you've found some classes that interest you. This is only a small sampling of the hundreds of classes the U offers each semester. My advice is to ask around and find out what classes other students have taken and loved. New classes are added each semester, so make sure to take the time to find out which fun classes you might want to take each year. Happy studying!

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