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I remember back four years when I first came to Carlson for orientation and all the nervousness and excitement in signing up for my first classes. I remember that first semester when I moved into Middlebrook Hall with all of my newly purchased items for my dorm room and met the 70 people I would be living with for the next year. I remember taking my first management class with the dean and how intimidated I felt to be in the room with such a powerful woman. I remember the first finals week and how I never had less sleep or worked harder. I remember joining different clubs and meeting more people, going to gopher football games, and the opening of the new stadium. I remember choosing my major and studying abroad in France. I remember working for a faculty member doing research, completing my thesis, and taking classes that I'll never forget. ...And now I'm about to add one, last memory to this collection: walking across the stage at graduation.

As one chapter closes, another opens and my next chapter is quickly approaching. Reflecting back on my time here at Carlson, I am already starting to feel a little nostalgic. As I walk through the mall and glance down at Northrup Auditorium, I can't help but feel grateful for all the people I've met, the experiences that I've had, the things that I've learned, and the memories that I will carry with me. College is such an incredible experience and for those of you just embarking on this experience, remember one thing: treasure these years because they will pass by quickly. Each day, remember the amazing chance you have (that a lot of people don't get) to learn and grow throughout your four years of college.

As this is my last blog ever, I want to thank those of you who have been reading and following my adventures! :) It was a absolute pleasure to share them with you. After graduation I will be working at United Health Group as a consultant. Everything is sort of falling into place for this next part of my life, and I can only hope this next chapter will be as incredible as the one that I'm leaving behind.

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