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Let's get physical! My name is Molly Robinson and I am a junior here at Carlson. I was really involved in sports in high school, and HUGE into cheerleading, so it only made sense to try out for the football cheerleading team here at the U my freshman year. While it was an awesome experience, I decided it would only be a part of my college experience for the one year. I realized I needed to find my own outlets to stay active and healthy without having organized practices and workouts. Lucky for us, our opportunities at the University of Minnesota are endless when it comes to staying healthy. Not only are we right on an awesome metropolitan campus, but we also go back and forth between the number 1 and 2 biker-friendly city of the nation, neck and neck with Portland. A lot of students will have their bikes on campus to make getting to class convenient, but biking is an awesome workout too. Instead of hopping on the bus to go shopping in Uptown, why not take the Midtown Greenway (the biking highway) straight there? Oh, and the Mississippi is right in our backyard... talk about convenient, right? During my time on campus, I have discovered endless running routes along the river at varying distances. The cheapest date you can go on? A run date! For when the weather gets bone-chilling, or you just want to pump some iron, there's always the Recreation center, with options of taking yoga and bootcamp classes as well. I personally like to go to Corepower Yoga, a hot yoga studio just a block away from Superblock (the 4 main freshman dorms) which offers a free week to first time students. Why not broaden your horizons and sweat it out with some local yogis?

While physical activity is a crucial aspect of staying fit, food is extremely important as well. If you eat pizzas at the dining hall every night, that freshman 15 might start looming in as the weather gets cold. Practice self-control! There are so many options in the dining halls that are healthy. Fill up on the fruits and veggies, and treat yourself to the ice cream once and a while or even after a tough homework session. The excuse "I'm a college student" doesn't justify an unhealthy lifestyle! Feel good, have fun, stay healthy!

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