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The Best Thing You Can Do

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Vall Ajgaonkar, a senior at Carlson, majoring in Marketing and Economics. Sometimes first-year students ask me what my biggest piece of advice is for them and my answer is always the same: DO SOMETHING! Undoubtedly, my happiest memories and experiences of most growth have come from getting involved in things beyond the classroom. Luckily, Carlson (and the University at Large) have a lot to offer. Here's a sampling of some of the things you can do right from your first year here!

·         Clubs related to your major like:

o   Student Accounting and Finance Association (SAFA)

o   Supply Chain and Operations Club (SCOC)

o   American Marketing Association (AMA)

·         Groups focusing on professional development:

o   Women In Business (WIB)

o   Business Association of Multicultural students (BAM)

·         Ways to stretch yourself:

o   Leadershape

§  A week-long camp focusing on discovering the real you

o   Case Competitions

§  Putting your biz skills to the test with some real-life payback ($$)

o   Carlson Goes to Work

§  A day when  students volunteer in the community and use their skills to help non-profits and small start-up companies

That's not even touching on the over 500 groups offered by the University of Minnesota outside of Carlson. Everything from political organizations to international culture clubs to groups purely for fun (like People Watchers Club or the Quidditch League). The University is also connected to volunteer organizations all over the city so you can spend your free time feeling good about giving back by painting with at-risk youth or by rocking babies in a hospital.

Make friends, make an impact, give back--do something! This University is your oyster, and it's got hundreds of pearls just waiting to be found.

Till next time!

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