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Clearing the Chaos of the Career Search

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As a sophomore looking to score an amazing internship for this summer, I've found myself flung into a whirlwind of resume reviews, career fairs, database searches, and endless, endless applications. For someone experiencing all this for the first time, it can be more than overwhelming. Luckily for us, Carlson provides us with a resource to make sense of all the chaos--BA 3000 Career Skills Class. 

All students in Carlson are required to take this one credit course, and when I say "required" I mean this class cuts through all the noise and confusion, helping students learn step by step how to make themselves the most appealing candidate possible. So far this semester we have studied the art of perfecting a resume, writing a cover letter, speaking to various recruiters, professional interviewing with companies, and learning career "dos and dont's" from guest speakers.

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 In addition to all this amazing information, I've also learned how to navigate the Undergraduate Business Career Center's "Edge" system, the online career database available to Carlson students. I now know how to search for job postings, set my preferences to tailor to my major and interests, apply for interviews held within the Career Center, register for career-building events, and see which companies have taken a peek at my profile. In having and using this resource, I've been able to calm down (just a little bit!) about my career search. BA 3000 has taught me how to shape myself into the best possible candidate, selling my experiences and passions to increase my business opportunities. I walk out of that class every Thursday ready to suit up and take on the recruiting world--and with all my career know-how, those companies had better watch out! 
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