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Tis the Season!

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Tis the season--there's frost on the ground, students bundled up, greenery all around campus, festive tunes on the radio...and finals only a week away. The impending stress of finals always has the potential to dampen the festive glow of the holiday season and make anyone into a Scrooge, but a well-prepared student has the opportunity to tackle the challenge of finals while still keeping their holiday spirit alive and well.

How is this done you ask? Organization! For many students studying for finals is crunch time, and often they're unsure how to prioritize their time or figure out how long they need to study for each exam. The key to success in finals is starting to study early and often. Despite what anyone says, popping a can of Redbull and pulling an all-nighter before an exam helps nobody. Instead, breaking the studying into small, manageable chunks is advised. 

Personally, I always break down what has to be done/studied prior to taking the exam. Then, I make myself a study schedule for the last week and a half of the semester. I also set goal grades for the end of the semester, being realistic with what I'm able to achieve. Then, if I stick to my study schedule and achieve my goal results I reward myself with some sort of gift (a little holiday gift for yourself!) Whatever helps you study! 

Finals are the last barrier to a long and relaxing break, so it is time for everyone to kick it up to high gear, pop open that accounting textbook or break out the flashcards. Getting through these last weeks is always a challenge, but don't let yourself give up! Finish off the semester strong and reap the rewards of the holiday season! 

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