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Surviving Minne-Snow-ta

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Real talk. Minnesota, like any other Midwestern state, receives its full range of seasons--the greenery of spring, the splendor of warm summer days on the lake, the explosion of autumn leaves, and yes, the expected freezing temperatures and piling snow of winter. For the unprepared student, winter in Minnesota can be a shocking and chilly experience, but for those of us that come prepared it's an opportunity to turn the bleak cold into a winter wonderland. 

How to prepare: Layers! Hats, mittens, waterproof boots, scarves, long thick coat! Don't feel weird if you feel as wrapped up as the Abdominal Snowman--we're all in the same boat! 

Here's me rocking the winter wear! Look at how WARM I look! 


Honestly, there's no denying that Minnesota gets cold and snowy in the winter, and many students bundle up and survive the winter just fine. But, we're not trying to survive--we want to thrive! And that depends entirely on your attitude and how you choose to look at the winter. Winter provides a great opportunity to bond with those in your dorm--with the blizzard blowing outside, you're not going anywhere, grab some board games or a movie! It helps keep you focused on your schoolwork--not getting distracted by the desire to run around outside. And even more, winter is FUN. Minnesota has championed it as our official season, celebrating it with such events as the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event, the Holidazzle Parade and more. In addition, every day has the potential to celebrate with a wide variety of winter activities such as dorm-wide snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, skiing (cross country and downhill), ice fishing and many more! I've lived my entire life in the Minnesota winter tundra, and have successfully survived/thrived 20 years by going out and DOING things! 

So embrace the winter for all that it offers and let your sunny positive attitude keep you warm for the months to come! 

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