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University Honors Program

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When you apply for admission at the University of Minnesota, you're automatically considered for admission to the University Honors Program (UHP).  UHP gives students access to smaller class sizes, more challenging coursework, and unique academic and extracurricular experiences.  I've really enjoyed my time in the honors program during my four years at college.  I've formed great friendships with classmates in the honors program and strong relationships with professors in my honors courses.  These courses give students a chance to learn more about the theory underlying what they're learning and how it is applied in the real world.

One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you'll have as an honors student is writing an honors thesis.  At the end of your college experience (generally during your senior year) you'll have the chance to tie together everything you've learned so far in college.  You do this by answering a very interesting question.  However, it isn't a question given to you by anyone else, it's a question that you come up with on your own.  After forming your research question, you get the chance to work closely with a faculty member and conduct your own research to answer the question you came up with.  You are responsible for reviewing academic literature on your topic, creating a study to answer your question, evaluating and interpreting your results, and identifying the implications of your research for the business world.  In the end, the learning you achieve from doing your own research and writing your honors thesis is worth all of the time and effort you put into it.

Being a part of UHP has enhanced my college experience by connecting me to others who are equally passionate about learning and encouraging me to take on new and exciting challenges, such as writing an honors thesis.

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