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Technological Peace of Mind

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Coming to college as a freshmen, you'll be plagued with what seems like endless decisions. What dorm should I live in, how many meals should I buy per week, what classes should I register for, where the heck can I find extra-long fitted sheets!? And that's only the tip of the iceberg. There is a hugely important decision facing all college students that often doesn't get its due--What kind of laptop should I bring to college? 

This might seem strange, but in a world where papers seem to be due weekly, all the professors are going green with online readings, and your new dorm friends want to constantly chat over Facebook  having the right computing machine can be a difference between smooth sailing and endless headaches. 

Thankfully for all us here at Carlson, the Carlson School has partnered with renowned computer-maker Lenovo to provide students with a little extra peace of mind. The Lenovo ThinkPad is offered to all freshmen  as the Carlson School's supported laptop of choice. The Laptop Program provides students with a machine that is useful for school, work, and play. The ThinkPad comes fully loaded with the Microsoft Office Suite (a must for any college classes), and comes with a complete four-year accidental warranty  Yes, that's right, ACCIDENTAL WARRANTY--Meaning there is complete coverage for any damage that comes to the device from slight mishaps (drops, spills, etc.) Which, if you've ever spilled coffee on your electronics (late night study session, it happens), you know how worth-while that can be! In addition, the Laptop Program is supported completely in-house, meaning there is a repair center located right in Carlson's Undergraduate Hansen Hall to accommodate any repairs or updates needed. This clears out a ton of stress--if you drop your laptop and something breaks, you can drop it off before class, and usually pick it up within one to two days, completely fixed, FOR FREE. If something heinous happens to your laptop and it is broken beyond repair, the program will replace your laptop FOR FREE. Good luck getting any other tech center to offer such a deal!  

Also, as a ThinkPad user myself, I have been able to maximize my laptop's uses by connecting it to Carlson's wireless printing--I sit in class, pull up my professor's lecture notes, print, run downstairs at break, and wah-lah! Good to go! And since the Lenovo is a professional computing device, I am familiarizing myself with systems I will eventually be using when I graduate and become a business professional. 

Joining up with the Laptop Program really helps minimize the stress guess work associated with purchasing a laptop. You know the Carlson School has picked this device specifically to help you succeed, and they are prepared to back you up should anything happen. How's that for technological peace of mind? 

Learn more about the Laptop Program at Carlson's Website:

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