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What is the Recruiting Cycle?

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The first month of school has yet to come to a close, and there is an undeniable buzz resonating throughout the halls of Carlson and Hanson. Conversations are dominated by phrases such as "on-campus recruiting," "company info sessions," and "career fair." Though each Carlson student has a unique professional future awaiting them, each will need navigate through the recruiting cycle in order to earn internships and full-time positions with the multitude of companies that actively recruit at the Carlson School. On-campus recruiting may seem a daunting endeavor at first, but you will soon find out that with the myriad of resources at your disposal, locking up that coveted internship is significantly more manageable than you originally anticipated. My name is Nick Helgeson, and as a Carlson Ambassador, I'm here to guide you on the wonderful journey that is on-campus recruiting.

What is on-campus recruiting?
On-campus recruiting is a structured process occurring the first 6-8 weeks of each semester that connects employers in need of qualified candidates with high-achieving students (regardless of year in school) at the Carlson School. 3 main components comprise the process:

1. Company Informational Sessions
These info sessions occur throughout the year and are generally 1-1.5 hour informational events conducted by a specific company. These events are held at Carlson and consist of a general overview presentation by the company's recruiters or staff, followed by a Q&A session and a chance to network with one another. Food is typically provided and dress is business casual. Students must register for each info session through The Edge, Carlson's online internship and full-time position database.

2. Career and Internship Fair
The career fair occurs in the Dairy Queen Club Room of TCF Bank Stadium the second or third week of each semester. Here, over 100 companies have booths with recruiters poised to connect with potential candidates in preparation for upcoming on-campus interviews. This past semester, nearly 1,000 Carlson students attended the fair. Attire is business professional, as this is one of the more important days of the year at the Carlson School.

3. On-Campus Interviews
Prior to the career fair taking place, job and internship positions are posted on The Edge by employers. After the resume submission period is closed, employers make interview selections and interview time slot sign-ups are posted for students that have been selected for on-campus interviews. Interviews take place at Carlson and offers are made within several weeks of final interviews. 

How do I position myself for success with regards to the recruiting cycle?
Though this topic is an entirely different beast, taking advantage of the plethora of resources presented by the Carlson School is the best way to achieve success during the recruiting process. Below are a list of resources to examine:

  • BA 3000 (Career Skills): this class is required for every Carlson student, and is generally taken in the fall of sophomore year. It ensures that no Carlson student graduates without knowing how write a resume, cover letter, tackle the recruiting process, conduct oneself professionally, and more.
  • Resume Review: Recruiters from various companies sit down with students one-on-one and improve their resumes. This provides a no-pressure environment to gain insight from recruiters.
  • Career Fair Prep Workshop: This workshop, as well as other workshops that occur around the time of the career fair, are geared specifically to address students' concerns, whether it be talking with recruiters or tips with interviewing.
  • Mock Marathon: Much like the Resume Review, the Mock Marathon provides students with an opportunity to sit down with recruiters in a no-pressure situation and engage in a mock interview in order to improve interviewing skills.
  • Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC): The Undergraduate Business Career Center exists solely to aid Carlson students in achieving their career aspirations. Through various experiences (some of which have already been listed) such as walk-in career coach hours, the UBCC is here to meet your needs. It is located across from Starbucks in Hanson.
  • Meet with you Carlson Advisor: Your advisor at Carlson is invaluable to not only your recruiting process, but to your overall college journey. No professional can cater to your unique issues like she/he can. I can't thank my advisor enough for the support that I have received, in areas from coursework to study abroad to major declaration, and much more.
Though this list is by no means comprehensive, it is a good place to start. Needless to stay, strong academics and involvement outside the classroom are requisites in order to achieve success in the recruiting process.

See? That wasn't so hard. Now, you have a better idea of what on-campus recruiting at the Carlson School entails, as well as resources out your fingertips that enable you to be successful. The rest is up to you. You're responsible for your success, so go out there and get it. Thank you for joining me on this exhilarating journey through the recruiting cycle! Ski-U-Mah!

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