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Whether you are a native Minnesotan who is relatively familiar with the U, an out-of-state student who is trying to adjust to college life away from home, or an international student who is relocated and is trying to adapt to American culture, adjusting your lifestyle to a college of such massive size with approximately 50,000 people can be rather overwhelming and challenging.  I am no exception.  As an out-of-state student from Louisville, KY with Korean heritage who does not have any kind of ties to Minnesota whatsoever, moving to an unfamiliar place with all strangers was very intimidating at first.  In my personal experience, throughout the freshmen orientation, the welcome week, and even first few weeks of my beginning semester, I was overwhelmed by constant realization that I am in a new environment with new people, like a little fish in the ocean or a little gopher in the forest.  Although these feelings and emotions haunted me for quite a while, I am very confident to say that not once did I ever feel "lost."

            If there is one of many things that I truly appreciate the U for, it would be the fact that the U is trying their very best to make everyone feel at home.  Friendly orientation leaders and personalized tours, amiable welcome week leaders and eye-opening programs that spanned for 5 days--all of these things definitely helped me to get established and nest into University of Minnesota, my new home.  I would give a great deal of credit to those who served as ambassadors and leaders during those times for their benevolent and helpful services that made me feel at home.  It indeed is a great honor to follow their footsteps and help YOU! adapt to new home.

            What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing?  University of Minnesota also offers hundreds of different student organizations/clubs and hosts many various events and fairs throughout the year--it would be literally impossible for you to not find a club of your interests.  Finding student organizations of your interests and getting involved on campus are great ways to stay busy and make new friends, let alone all the valuable experiences you get out of them.  As an avid music lover, I am a member of University of Minnesota Steel Pan Ensemble, playing drums.  To build a necessary business network, develop my epistemic enrichment, and learn more about my major, I attend ClubMIS (Management Information Systems) meetings every other week.  Also, I am an officer/MC of Korea's Island Dokdo, a cultural club that promotes diversity and spreads cultural awareness on campus.

            Making a big place small is easy at the U.  No matter where you come from or what your interests are, University of Minnesota provides lots of opportunities for you to be involved and will more than adequately accommodate you.

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