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Future Fright Week

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Are you tired of telling friends, professors, and recruiters that you're undecided? Are you trying to nail down your graduation plan but have no idea what you want to study? Do you find yourself wondering what exactly someone in consulting does on a day-to-day basis or what a non-profit co-major can do for you?


If any of these circumstances apply to you, Future Fright Week is where you should be! During Future Fright Week, a variety of majors/career paths put on information sessions throughout the week with panels of both department faculty members and business professionals. College is a time for exploration and discovery, and sifting through the innumerable career paths, jobs, and opportunities that are within your reach is exciting, but can be exhausting. The good news is that the sessions of Future Fright Week can help you streamline your search, provide more information about the great career possibilities that are available to you after graduation, and tell you what kinds of classes you would take to achieve your graduation goals.


Last year when I was a freshman, I attended more than a couple Future Fright Week info sessions and realized I didn't know nearly as much about the majors and minors available at Carlson as I thought I did. Department heads and professors explained how their respective majors fit into a graduation plan, and discussed the different electives that were offered. Hearing from recent graduates about their transition from college to a full-time job was also extremely enlightening. They told the group a lot about what their day-to-day tasks were like and gave great advice about what parts of their undergraduate education have proven to be most useful in their everyday work (many said they'd wished they would have taken more Accounting classes!). Getting the opportunity to ask questions of seasoned professionals who had been in the workforce for a while was very interesting, too. Listening to people's perspectives on all of the different jobs that they have had at different companies was very helpful, and helped me realize that the first job you get out of college is just the first step on a lifelong journey.


Some of the most interesting information besides the job insight was learning about the work-life balances that professionals had and what they were involved in outside of their careers. Career choices are not only driven by what you can do and what you like to do, but also they type and amount of work you can handle. Tradeoffs are important to factor into your career path decision, because you may want to consider the fact that you might not be able eat dinner at home every night if you're a consultant traveling Monday through Thursday every week. The professionals in the sessions that I attended encouraged the whole group to evaluate what mattered most to them in life and incorporate those attitudes into their college career plans. This was something I hadn't thought much in detail about before, and was incredibly thought provoking.



Future Fright Week is just one of the awesome events that Carlson and the Undergraduate Business Career Center put on for undergraduate students, and is a great representation of the excellence that is the career services within our school. Having a career center specifically for undergraduate students is a huge asset for Carlson students, and the resources and contacts available during Fright Week are always accessible! Career coaches in the UBCC can sit down with students to discuss career options and connect them with alumni and companies in the industries that they're interested in. Also just as accessible are the professionals from the Minneapolis area. Being able to have recruiters and employers within fifteen minutes away is incredibly cool, not only for events like Future Fright Week, but also for follow-up informational interviews and building relationships with companies.


I learned a great deal about the opportunities that are available after graduation from Future Fright Week, and also learned a great deal about the kinds of resources and amazing people that are here to help all of us at Carlson. Check it out and you won't regret it! Ski-U-Mah!







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