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Living on college campuses in the movies to the real deal

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We all have seen the movies about college and how perfect they make it work. The residence halls look like hotels, the campus is spotless, you meet your best friends instantly the moment you move in, and you get the perfect grades.

I would have to say the University of Minnesota has the potential to fulfill and meet all of these things. Not all of the residence halls may be hotel quality, but I would have to say we do have some very nice facilities. We were fortunate enough to build a brand new residence hall right on University Avenue in the heart of campus. These dorms I would say definitely have hotel qualities. People cannot stop talking about the dining services and all the options they have. I am planning on trying it or getting a meal plan again myself. Personally, I think one of the best things about the residence halls and living on campus is the community you are able to build. I am still extremely close with my three other roommates, as you can see in the picture below, and the people I met in my residence hall still. I know so many of my friends are close with theirs as well.


Another benefit of living in the residence halls or just on campus in general is how easy it is to get to downtown Minneapolis or to anything that is going on around campus. There are so many things to explore. We have anything from sporting events to comedy shows in Coffman Memorial Union. There are endless possibilities of things for students to do on campus.

You may be worried that there are too many distractions now that I have talked about everything that is available to students to do outside of class, but let me tell you how awesome some of the libraries are and the resources that the University makes available to you. We have a total of 5 libraries on campus along with countless study lounges in campus housing. The University also provides endless writing, reading, and academic guidance assistance. I know I meet with my adviser at least 2 to 3 times a semester. Carlson also has the benefit of having an Undergraduate Business Career Center with amazing Career Coaches. They can help you with anything from job searching to your major.

There are so many great things about living on campus that I don't know how or why you wouldn't! It's a great experience and everyone should take advantage of it.

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