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They're a lot of great opportunities you'll have as an undergraduate business student, and one of the most important is a summer internship. The majority of Carlson students usually have at least one internship, and some driven students will have multiple during their college career. A summer internship helps you experience what a potential role in your chosen major will be like, sets you apart on your resume, and gives you some real business experience to complement your academic knowledge.

As with many other Carlson students this summer I'll be joining the workforce as well. This summer I'll be working at the private equity firm Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison ("GHJM"). Private equity in some ways is like a mutual fund (think Fidelity Investments) - both manage money by investing in businesses. However, a mutual fund typically will purchase public stock in companies, while a private equity firm generally purchases private companies.

The firm I'll be at looks to make investments by buying majority interest (meaning they have control of the business) of mid-sized companies in the Midwest. Those in charge of the fund then leverage their expertise in business to help make processes more efficient, manage finances accordingly, and help the company expand. After owning the company for a few years (generally ~5-7 years), they then sell the company and return money to the investors.

As an intern I'll be working both on potential investments and on companies that the firm currently owns. For potential investments, I'll be analyzing companies that are for sale where GHJM has been identified as a potential buyer, and summarizing the deal for the firm's partners. I'll also be working with the financial models the firm uses to value potential acquisitions. With companies that GHJM already owns I'll be analyzing various ways to help grow the firm's investments. Overall I'm excited to gain real world experience to complement by academic knowledge, develop my technical finance skills, and learn more about how businesses are run.

Chances are if you come to Carlson you'll have an internship, and they're are a lot of interesting experiences out there to be had. Companies of all sizes come to campus looking for students of all majors, so no matter what your interests are don't worry. You'll definitely be able to find work related to what you're studying and more importantly what you're passionate about.