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August 21, 2009

IAAE 2009 has 878 attendees from 66 countries

The 2009 IAAE meeting has representatives from 66 countries, and a total registration of 878 delegates. Mainland China has the highest number, with 216 attendees, and other countries with a high number of attendees include the United States (140) and Germany (76).

For the complete list of attendees, see Issues #6 of the Cowbell, the IAAE Conference Newsletter, at

Plenary Papers from IAAE 2009 will soon be in AgEcon Search

Delegates attending the IAAE 2009 received printed copies of 18 plenary papers, and they will soon be available on AgEcon Search. Plenary topics include trade, development, the role of emerging economies, market power, public goods, modelling, energy, the food crisis, and collective action.

A full list of the plenary sessions plus author biographies is available at

China Focus Session at IAAE 2009

Addresses from the two government officials and two academics. Topics included rural reform and development, prospects for poverty reduction in rural China, and the role of hybrid rice in food security.

August 20, 2009

IAAE talks include experts from other fields

Several talks at the 2009 IAAE meeting in Beijing were given by experts from outside agricultural economics, by special invitation from Johann Kirsten, VIce President for Programme.

They include:

* Peter Davis, UK Competition Commission

* Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University, USA

* Giles Allaire, INRA, France

* Anastasios Xepapadeas, Athens University of Economics and Business

* Robert Jensen, UCLA School of Public Affairs, USA

August 18, 2009

IAAE Presidential address by Dr. David Colman: Agriculture's Terms of Trade: Issues and Implications

In his Presidential address on 8/17, Dr. David Colman discussed the question of whether agriculture commodity prices will diverge from other sector prices. He feels that it is likely that agriculture's terms of trade will improve against other sectors, with the situation varying by country and commodity. He feels that the big questions for agriculture in the future are not about prices, but are about 1) how many people will adapt to remain successful in farming, 2) how instututions and policy will adapt to assist those living off the land, 3) how trade reform might reduce obsticles to agricultural development in poorer countries, and 4) how to deal with the displacement effects of climate change on agriculture.

"New Landscape of Global Agriculture" is theme for 27th IAAE meeting

Dr. Johann Kirsten, vice-president of IAAE, introduced the theme and program of the conference. He noted that climate and environmental issues are gaining in importance, and agricultural economists are exapnding their toolkits and becoming more multdisciplinary. The program is addressing many emerging issues, and the program committee has branched out to invite some non-economists to speak at the meeting.

Delegates are welcomed to the 27th IAAE meeting in Beijing

The 27th meeting of the International Association of Agriicultural Economists began with a welcome from Dr. Huqu Zhai, president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. David Colman, president of IAAE. The group was honored to have a talk by Liangyu Hui, Vice-Chairman of the People's Republic of China.

August 10, 2009

Coming Soon: News from the IAAE meeting

Watch the AgEcon Search News blog for daily updates from the International Agricultural Economists meeting on Beijing, August 16-22, 2009.

AgEcon Searxch will have a booth at the meeting.

If you would like us to include news about a particular talk or poster, please drop us a line at aesearch@umn.edu

August 3, 2009

IAAE contributed papers are now in AgEcon Search

Contributed papers that will be presented at the upcoming IAAE meeting in Beijing, August 16-22, are now available in full text on AgEcon Search. Searches may be done by title word, author, paper number, or keyword. See http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/handle/47249

Statistics for AgEcon Search papers and groups who contribute

A new statistics program is now running on AgEcon Search. Numbers of downloads by month are available for individual papers, for groups of papers, and for all papers from an organization.

For individual papers, click on the "Stats Display" button at the bottom of the page, and for groups of papers, look for the button at the top of the page for that group.