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AA&AS Outreach Coordinator

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities seeks outstanding candidates for a community outreach coordinator. The community outreach coordinator will enhance the department and college's role and profile as a partner with communities of color in Minnesota, particularly with African American and immigrant African communities, and serve as a liaison connecting the community to the department and college's teaching, service, and research resources. The coordinator will also create and nurture a network of relationships that link the department and college to the community by providing internship and service learning opportunities for CLA students as well as research and service opportunities to our faculty. The coordinator will establish relationships with schools, workplaces, after-school programs, service agencies, and local community colleges to increase awareness of the University's commitment to diversity. Other roles and duties may also be assigned.

Required qualifications: a bachelor's degree; three years relevant experience in program or project coordination; demonstrated written and oral communication skills; demonstrated success working in a team setting; experience with African and/or African American communities; and proficient computer skills (word processing, email, and web searching). Must be able to travel using own transportation.

Desired qualifications: master's degree; knowledge of K-12 school demographics and issues impacting Minnesota communities of color; demonstrated ability to prioritize and balance multiple tasks and responsibilities; ability to work well and communicate effectively (both verbally and in writing) with diverse populations, including students, members of the faculty, and community members; knowledge and experience with higher education structures, policies, and procedures; demonstrated ability to learn and disseminate detailed information using a high level of interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to work independently, collaboratively, and under supervision; familiarity with liberal arts programs and with university-wide student support services; and strong writing skills to include editing and presentation layout.

Applications (resume, cover letter, and 3 references) will be accepted online.


Communication skills is really an important requirement for a coordinator. Even for anybody, communication skills is a big help when dealing with other people and most of the times in accomplishing goals.

As a coordinator, he or she deals with different people and sometimes bridges those differences. With communication skills, he or she will be able to connect those differences and develop good relationships among people.

For the role and duties of an outreach coordinator, he/she must be positive and well motivated all the time. The duty needs flexibility most of the times, and so the coordinator must be well motivated with the job.

Being positive and motivated helps him/her do the duties assigned. It will also help in the success of the activities.