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BSU dinner with Bobby Seale

The Black Student Union is hosting a dinner with Bobby Seale at 6:00 on February 27. Tickets are $15 for students and $20 for faculty/staff and the general public. Contact bsu@umn.edu for more information.


The main university of Minnesota events calendar say that the dinner was at the Coffman Memorial Union Mississippi Room at 7pm tonight. I could find no information about the event on the BSU website today. I am a graduate student and had a group of other grads who were interested in attending (and paying) for this event but this information about the new time and location was not accessible and I only found it just now accidentally while trying to figure out where the event had been relocated too. We showed up to the union Mississippi room tonight and were turned away as there was another event going on and no one in the union seemed to have any info about the dinner nor did anyone answer the phone at BSU. I truly regret that the details of the dinner were not made more accessible to individuals who are not closely connected to the BSU as certainly there are those of us (graduate students, faculty and staff) who would very much like to support the BSU in their activities and be a part of a larger social justice community. I hope that in the future when iconic leaders are brought to campus there is more transmission of information and advertisement about the details of the event.