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January 24, 2009 40th Anniversary roundtable discussion

Morrill Hall 40 Years Later: The Legacy Of Activism and Engaged Scholarship Continues, a roundtable discussion on the Morrill Hall Occupation of 1969 will take place on Saturday, January 24, 2009, 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. in the Presidents Room of Coffman Memorial Union.

In January of 1969 Black students at the University of Minnesota staged an occupation of Morrill Hall &mdash home of University administration &mdash to demand the creation of a department committed to Black studies. Their actions led to the formation of the University's Department of African American & African Studies, along with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Advising Office and the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence.

On the 40th anniversary of that event, Twin Cities community members and participants in the 1969 Morrill Hall Takeover will convene a roundtable discussion to review the events of January, 1969, and to reflect on the legacy of their actions. They will also talk about the role of activism today. The public is welcome to attend and will be invited to participate in a question and answer session.


  • Spike Moss, The Way community organization (1969)
  • Lester Cannon, U of M Student (1969)
  • Mahmoud El-Kati, The Way community organization (1969)
  • Marie Braddock Williams, U of M Student (1969)
  • Dr. Horace Huntley, U of M Student (1969)
  • Rose Freeman Massey, U of M Student (1969)
  • Dr. John Wright, U of M Student (1969); AA&AS faculty member
  • Jared E. Leighton, graduate student at the U of Nebraska, and author of the Master's degree thesis "'A Small Revolution': The Role of a Black Power Revolt in Creating and Sustaining a Black Studies Department at the University of Minnesota."