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new course: Black Women in Cultural Production

Black Women in Cultural Production

AFRO 5910/DNCE 5500
3 weeks during May Session 2010
May 24 - June 11, M-Th 11:15 - 2:30

Instructors: Rose Marie Brewer and Ananya Chatterjea.

"Black Women in Cultural Production" is a studio/lecture class investigating the history and politics of cultural production in visual and performing arts, by black women in both diasporic locations and transnationally. Examining the work of a select group of artists, the course will propose some core questions about the ways we come to know and value their artistic production.

Some of the questions we will be investigating are: How do we learn to read resistance in such work? How do these histories position us to think about the ideas and aesthetics articulated in the work of contemporary practicing Black women artists? What kinds of epistemological questions, questions about world-making and world-knowing, are proposed by the tropes that inform such cultural production?

The course will conclude with students creating presentations and writing brief papers that they will be invited to present in a History Jam session at a symposium hosted by the Dance Program in October 2010.