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Assignment: Digital Story Analysis (post under Category 2)

What makes a good story? Read about stories on iRoom Stories, browse the list of links on the RIGHT SIDEBAR of this blog, and see Lambert's suggested links (week 2 pdf on Moodle).

This week view digital stories, considering the CONTEXT, CONTENT and FORM of each story.

Post links to TWO of your favorites. For each post an image (and/or pull image grabs of your favorite images), and LINK to the original piece.

For each write a short reflection (about 125-250 words) for each piece you've selected. Consider:
1- the context [where the story was created, or anything you know about the maker, if there is text that tells you info posted with the video, where it was created (workshop)]
2- the content[what the story is about, theme, thesis, moral...]
3- the form of the piece [what forms of media used, how the piece is edited, etc]
4 - why this is a "good" story (read: why/how this piece engages you, draws you in, why you like it...)

Post by 9am on Friday, 9/19.

+ + + + Rachel's Example + + + +


untitled by Kevin West is a really powerful digital story. Kevin is a transguy who lives in Santa Cruz, California. The piece tells his story of being a queer youth trapped in the juvenile (in)justice system, until a social worker who understands GLBTQ issues helped him. In the piece he uses personal photos, "borrowed images", graphic elements (like texts), motion graphics to edit the pieces together. The music (a drum beat helps to build the rhythm of the piece. The story is structured by Kevin's story, told in a voice over.

I chose to share this digital story because I really like Kevin's honesty. He speaks in a clear, engaging and honest way about his life. He's telling us an emotional story without the boo-hoo sobs (whoa is me stuff), but with clarity. I like that he uses the piece as a way to thank the social worker who helped him change the course of his life.

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